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lindsay deakin


concrete living

is a full-day of programs designed to boost our mental fitness held in North Vancouver’s stunning Pipe Shop at Shipbuilders’ Square.


Join Alix Dunham and Lindsay Deakin each Monday as we intentionally add a few small things into our lives that bring us joy, rest, grounding and connection. A full-day of community programming offers classes for all ages, abilities, genders and economic situations. You are welcome here.


And Shipbuilder’s Square is the perfect backdrop for us to cement our connection as we’ll be partnering with local coffee shops / breweries for you to visit before/after/during your weekly Monday visit.


We can’t wait to see you here!


alix dunham



fall term: september 11-december 18 / registration wed. aug 24 7am

grey matr

grit for grown-ups / ages 18+ / Alix

mondays 9:30-11am


Grey Matr is Grit for Grown-Ups and Meditation 101 all rolled into one. By giving ourselves some time each week to slow down and to allow our thoughts to settle, we can figure out some truths about why we are the way we are. Through breathing, journaling, chatting and meditating, we’ll learn some brain-health + soul-resilience to help make it through the tricky parts of life.

Spark: Sept 11-Oct 2 [4 weeks]: $120

Stoke: Oct 16-Nov 6 [4 weeks]: $120

Burn: Nov 20-Dec 18 [5 weeks]: $150

13 weeks: $360

register here



mondays 12:15-1:15pm / 6-7pm

fusing techniques for a strong body + resilient mind / ages 18+ / Lindsay


Stack is a dynamic combination layering Yoga, Pilates

and Barre inspired movements. Together we will sweat,

stretch and breathe, leaving you feeling strong and centred. 

Spark: Sept 11-Oct 2 [4 weeks]: $88

Stoke: Oct 16-Nov 6 [4 weeks]: $88

Burn: Nov 20-Dec 18 [5 weeks]: 110

register here / stack at lunch

register here / stack at dinner


pink petal ballet + yoga / ages 4-5 / Alix + Lindsay

mondays 1:30-2:15pm


Join Alix and Lindsay for some serious fun in the sand-lot. Sand-lot is a one-of-a-kind combination of pink petal ballet + yoga. 


register here




brain-health + soul resilience / Alix

Sept 11-Oct 23: 9-12yrs / $180

Oct 30-Dec 18: 7-9yrs / $210

mondays 4-5:30pm

Grit is a mental health glow-up for your young person’s brain. It’s an opportunity for your young person to be completely themselves in a light-hearted, education-based workshop all about brain-health + soul-resilience. In Grit we chat about anxiety, friendships, bullying, gender, sleep, and give kids coping skills to deal with adversity. We also make amazing crafts and meditate alot!

register here

grit for parents

neuro-science + co-regulation for parents

mondays 6-7pm

Sept 11-Oct 2 [4 weeks]

a four-week crash course in how not to lose your shit this year. At best, we’ll uncover a toolkit of coping skills to be able to raise small humans in a big world with mindful, empathetic intention. We’ll become so damn regulated that co-regulation with our young people is second-nature. At worst - you get out of the house for an hour with the ‘excuse’ that you’re practicing to be a calmer + kinder parent. We’ll chat, journal, breathe + meditate each week while turning down the anxiety and ramping up the executive functioning. It’s a damn good way to start the year off on the right foot. 


register here

cement mixer

flow yoga + meditation / ages 18+ / Alix + Lindsay

mondays 7:15-8:30pm

Join Lindsay for 60min of Flow Yoga and Alix for 15min of twinkly-light meditation guaranteed to calm all the things happening inside your brain and body.

Spark: Sept 11-Oct 2 [4 weeks]: $100

Stoke: Oct 16-Nov 6 [4 weeks]: $100

Burn: Nov 20-Dec 18 [5 weeks]: $125

13 weeks: $310

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